maandag 15 februari 2010

Repaint the frame

So just like me you want to repaint your Giant frame. But when you sand the frame you lose the giant stickers. Do you think giant can give you new ones? Nope! They won't. They don't even give them to their dealers. I mailed 8 of them.
What options are left?
You can try to find someone who can airbrush. That looks nice but its rather expensive.

What I did. I found a high-res picture of the gaint logo. Send this one to a carsticker company in your country and paste it back on.
Car stickers are only 5$-10$. So its the cheapest and best option!

Find the stickers here:


Now the stickers are cut out of some kind of sticker-foil. You can choose from a given amount of colours. There is no need to change the pictures colour.

For holland or belgium visit:

For the USA visit:

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